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Thread: Mabinogi Song Repository --- Score Sheet Database

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    Mabinogi Song Repository --- Score Sheet Database

    I'm not sure if this belongs here, so I'll trust the top cats on whatever they want to do with this. If it is binned, so be it.

    I've organized a bunch of score sheets into a database that can be easily accessed and searched. The Mabinogi Song Repository currently has almost 50 songs and I plan to add more songs in the near future. If you are looking to have a new song to play, but don't have the time or skill to compose one yourself, just browse through this site to see if there's something you like.

    I welcome new submissions at any time and try my best to ensure that proper credit is given. Closed-source score sheets from Mabinogi World will not be distributed unless permission is given.

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    Re: Mabinogi Song Repository --- Score Sheet Database

    While I like your idea, Nexon pretty much already has this, and you can sample (most) of the songs on there before trying them in game. Nexon has an improved composer that allows you to browse though and search for songs that you may want to play in Mabinogi.

    It does however, need a better sorting system and display more per page... It would be nice if they also had a ''Tag'' system, so if it's a Mario song, add a ''Mario'' tag, or Final Fantasy, put that tag on it. Would be easier to find stuff.

    (Notice: This was made by just glancing at the first page, not going into everything.)

    To make your resource better, here's a list:
    -Try adding a better skin. I understand if you can't get around to this yet, becuase you don't know how, can't find a good skin, etc.
    -Instead of putting everything into a that one group, make a sub one so everything will be easier to find. I know that some stuff can be in more than one place. I suggest just place them everywhere they can fit.

    Video Games > Mario, Final Fantasy, Command and Conquer
    Anime > Kanon, Clannad, Bleach
    Movies > James Bond, Lord of the Rings, Rocky
    -Make sure you also add what rank when you can play the music. It would be dissapointing if you find a good piece but you can't play it fully becuase you are not high enough level to compose it.
    -As in Nexon, try to add something so you can sample the song before you play it in-game. This may be hard to do however...

    I hope this helps, and your resource will be the most used Mabinogi score sheet resource in the future!

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