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    IRC Channel

    Introduction was initially established by staff members of #albatross18 channel of Quakenet. Upset by the lack of features of their previous home, along with continuing issues with network staff and policies, they decided to start their own IRC network.

    Now, the network hosts not only Albatross18 IRC channel. FateTestarossa, the founder of, has graciously granted dedicated channels for the other gaming/special interest communities, including the premise of talking about any and all aspects of Mabinogi.

    Then, is this the extent of the network? No! Subsidiary channels for guilds or anything the community desires is greatly encouraged. So, please have fun, enjoy your stay, and make sure to stop by and say hi.

    Introductions aside, if you are interested, find out how below.

    Experienced IRC Users

    For those of you familiar with IRC in general, the bare-bones details are found immediately below. If you need a little more explanation, skip ahead to the following sections.

    Channel: #mabinogi

    New to IRC?

    Don't worry - We all were once.

    IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. It is a communication protocol developed for real-time chat, making it a suitable alternate communication form when compared with forums.

    This said, you do not "connect to IRC". You connect to one of hundreds of IRC server networks which themselves host a potentially infinite number of chat channels.

    In order to start this, you first need to download an IRC client. While it's worth mentioning that there are plenty of browser-based IRC clients out there, it also needs to be noted that none of them are particularly stable or functional.

    There are a horde of IRC clients available, too. If you want to look around, search a download site such as or just Google it. That said, here's a list of some of the most popular and notable IRC clients:

    All listed programs below are free to use:

    * mIRC - One of the most simple and popular. Free but bugs you after 30 days.
    * irssi - An dedicated and thorough ongoing IRC project.
    * XChat - Another apparently full-featured client. Open source.
    * HydraIRC - Beta, feature-rich and considerably documented. A couple of hassles (i.e. quit message defaults to a HydraIRC advertisement)
    * Pidgin - A program much like Trillian designed to operate on numerous "instant chat" types, including Instant Messaging and IRC. More than suitable for IRC chat but like all multi-purpose utilities it can be a hassle to use, and probably isn't full-featured.

    You probably have anyway, but it's advised you check out the websites of all of these, including the About, Documentation and maybe FAQ sections, to get an idea of which you feel would suit you best.

    That all said: it doesn't really matter. If you just want to chat, grab mIRC and come join us.

    How to join us?

    Different clients will have different server management settings, but regardless of client you can join by text command so for the time being I'll explain that.

    When the client starts up you (normally) get a single blank server "status" window with a text input often at the bottom. Enter the following into it and hit enter:

    /server - This should bring about a LOT of text, pretty much all of which is connection information, the server's "welcome" message and a link to PPIrC's rules page. Feel free to ignore all this for now (it's not likely that casual use will break any rules).

    Okay, so you're connected to PPIrC. Now what? Enter this next line into the same text input box:

    /join #mabinogi - This will start up a second window (the status window remains separate), and in that window is us! And you're in.

    From then it's just like a "Multiplayer Instant Messenger". There'll be a list of everyone's names somewhere, a big area where everyone's talking happens, and a text input box so you yourself can contribute to the discussion.

    You'll probably want to establish your own name, so that everyone can recognize you.

    /nick yournickname - is the command to do this. Keep in mind that if the name is already being used elsewhere on PPIrC you won't be allowed to use it, and if it contains disallowed characters the name will be cut short.

    For reconcilability?s sake you might want to use your Mabinogi player nickname. A lot of games are arranged between members of the IRC channel and it makes everything smoother if your names match.

    Once you have your name set, you can reserve it so others cannot steal it. In order to do that, after setting your desired nick, type /msg Kooh register password email, replacing password and email with your info. From now on, whenever you, or someone else tries to use that nick, they have to identify.

    In order to do that, just type /msg Kooh identify password, replacing password with your own. If you do not identify quickly enough, Kooh will change your nick to Guest, so no one can abuse it.

    With all that out of the way, there's not a lot that needs explaining. A lot of the settings in your chosen IRC client can be configured so that some things (your name, joining the channel when you start it up) are automatically set so you don't need to waste your time.

    That said, a lot of that is better explained if you ask in our channel. There'll usually be someone willing and able to help with all the fiddly settings and this topic is already big enough as it is.

    Hope to see you soon!

    Server Rules & Code of Conduct

    The network may NOT be used for:

    * Flooding / Botnets
    * Any illegal activity
    * Channels dedicated to hacking either Albatross18/Pangya, or any other game
    * Spamming and/or advertising
    * Asking for Nexon/Mabinogi Accounts or KSSNs.

    As well, please be informed that all rules of Mabinogi World and Mabinogi extend to #mabinogi.

    Any and all infractions may result in punishments up to permanent denial of network use.

    This post was under slight contextual revision from the original article on
    Foreword by Lunaria
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    Re: IRC Channel

    (I don't know if I am allowed to post here)

    Thank You very much I finally figured out how to pu my QWIRC program to use.

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    What is ____?
    Q. What is this thing that kicks me when I slap people?
    A. It's a bot (that does other things too). Read the kick message it gives you! "Please do not slap other people." Why not? Well, saying someone's name will alert them, and 99% of the time when people use this, they do not need that person's attention. It's really annoying to be alerted for no reason! Especially if the person has sounds on!

    Q. What is the ~ & @ % or + before someone's name?
    ~ Owner. They can manage things about the channel like registration information and other things you don't care about. They can also do anything below.
    & Protected op[erator]. Can do anything below, and can't be kicked by anyone but the owner. In our channel, this is the effective head of the channel.
    @ Op[erator]. Effectively these are the moderators, they just have a different name in IRC. Can kick, ban, etc.
    % Half-op[erator]. We use this for temporary operators and for our bot(s). Can kick and ban, too.
    + Voiced. If the channel is muted (+m), voiced people can still talk. Also, if they're banned but still in the channel (ie. if your sister is banned), this person can still talk.

    Q. What is CTCP xxx?
    A. CTCP stands for Client-to-Client Protocol. It's a way to more or less query people for automated information. The most common things you'll see are CTCP TIME and CTCP VERSION. These tell the querier what your local time is and what IRC client you're using, respectively.

    Q. What is WHOIS, QUERY, and SLAP when I click someone's name?
    A. These are commands:
    WHOIS - Returns information on the user. You may also type /whois nick
    QUERY - Opens a window where you can chat one on one with the user. You may also type /query nick
    SLAP - Don't touch this goddamn. (No we can't remove it.)

    How to use IRC
    Use the text box at the bottom of the screen to chat!

    Red messages just mean someone said your name! It's not a whisper!

    If you're kicked, it will have a message along with it in the server window. Read it!

    Useful terminology:
    op - operator/moderator
    bouncer/bnc - A program run elsewhere that lets one stay in IRC permanently.
    lurker - Someone who's idle, probably reading, but not contributing.
    idler - People who are logged in, but not paying attention. They may not be at their computer.
    nick - Nickname, the name you see someone chat under.
    query - A private message (or the window it takes place in) with another user or bot.
    kick - A kick just removes you from the channel, you can rejoin immediately after. They server as stern warnings in IRC.
    kb - Short for kickban, which removes someone from the channel and prevents them from entering. (TMI: A ban alone will only silence a user.)
    mute - When the channel is muted, no one can talk except ops and people who are voiced (which will typically only ever be Nexon reps).

    You can use tons of commands. They're all prefixed with a /

    Useful commands:
    /me action - "Perform" an action. (Reads "* [Nick] does such and such")
    /ignore nick - Ignores a user. You won't see their messages (but they'll still see yours, and others' that are directed at that person.)
    /unignore nick - Unignores a user.
    /away message - Set yourself to away.
    /back - Unset yourself from away.
    /ctcp nick time - Ask someone's client for that person's local time.
    /ctcp nick version - Ask someone's client for that person's client and version (possibly OS and such too).
    /msg nick message - Send someone a single private message. Akin to a whisper.
    /nick nick - Change your nickname to this new one.
    /ping nick - Returns the lag between you and the target.

    Less useful commands:
    /topic - Return the topic if you can't see it or need to scroll the topic otherwise and are lazy.
    /who nick - One-line summary form of whois. Doesn't contain all the channels someone's in. If you can read it, maybe you'll prefer this.

    Q. I could've sworn I was registered?!
    A. Nicks unregister after a month of inactivity. Come by more often!

    Q. OMG it's so quiet...
    A. If you ask a question, or bring up an interesting topic, people will probably come by and say stuff. :] The key is to stick around, because not everyone is looking at the channel all the time.

    Q. I'm banned, what do I do?!
    A. When you're banned (or shortly thereafter), you should receive a message saying why you're banned and when it will be lifted. If you've forgotten or didn't receive one or have questions or concerns about it, use /query wut and tell him your issues. A moderator will contact you soon after.

    Q. My computer is like so old and I can't play Mabi with my browser open. Is there a way to chat while playing Mabi?
    A. Yes! Try setting up a real IRC client like HexChat. They're very low impact!
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    Q&A-specific Information

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