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    [D] Super Mario Bros. Theme

    Coded by me. And a korean program that will translate .midi files into MML, although I had to do some tweaks here and there.

    Recommended Instruments: Lute, Flute.
    Haven't tried a ukulele, chalumeau or whistle, sounds O.K. on a mandolin.

    [Melody] T105V13>e16e8e16r16c16e8g8.&g64r64<<a>>c8.<g16r8e8 r16a8b16r16a>e16.g16a8f16g16r16e8c16d16<b8>c8.<g16 r8e8r16a8b16r16a>e16.g16a8f16g16r16e8c16d16<b8>g16 f+16f16d+8e16r16<g>c16r16<a16>c16d16r8g16f+16f16d+ 8e16r16>c8c16c8.&c64r8r32.<g16f+16f16d+8e16r16<g>c 16r16<a16>c16d16r8d+8r16d8.c8.&c64r32<a12>.r32.g16 f+16f16d+8e16r16<g>c16r16<a16>c16d16r8g16f+16f16d+ 8e16r16>c8c16c8.&c64r8r32.<g16f+16f16d+8e16r16<g>c 16r16<a16>c16d16r8d+8r16d8.c8.&c64r64<a16>.c16c8c1 6r16c16d8e16c8<a16g8>c16c8c16r16c16d16e16r2c16c8c1 6r16c16d8e16c8<a16g8.&g64r32.

    I'm gonna remove all those "16"s and add L16 in the front sometime, should save quite a bit of space and make room for a better ending, I couldn't get chord2 or 3 to the right length, so I cut them out (It still sounds pretty good). There are about 3 parts (One near the start, other 2 in the middle, closer to the end) that don't sound quite right, I'll try to fix those as well.

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    [D] Super Mario Bros. Theme

    Sorry for the double post, but I re-edited the above, it can probably be composed at rank F now (F = 400 character limit on melody correct?)

    Melody: T105V13l16>ee8erce8g8.&g64r32<<a8r16>>c8.<gr8e8ra8 bra>e.ga8fgre8cd<b8>c8.<gr8e8ra8bra>e.ga8fgre8cd<b 8>gf+fd+8er<g>cr<a>cdr8gf+fd+8er>c8cc8.&c64r8r32.< gf+fd+8er<g>cr<a>cdr8d+8rd8.c8.&c64<a16> 8er<g>cr<a>cdr8gf+fd+8er>c8cc8.&c64r8r32.<gf+fd+8e r<g>cr<a>cdr8d+8rd8.c8.&c64<a16>r32cc8crcd8ec8<ag8 >cc8crcder2cc8crcd8ec8ag8.&g64r32.ee8erce8g8.&g64r 32

    Fixed up a few parts to sound better, and obviously, made it shorter by removing all the "16"s from it and adding "l16" at the front.

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