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Thread: Lag and skill cancels

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    Lag and skill cancels

    Hi, I've been having a pretty big issue when playing Mabinogi.
    it pretty simple to explain, I attack I lag.
    I will push a button to attack and the whole game freezes for me this sometimes cuases my skill that i was using to cancel and be re cast instead of just casting.

    Example: load Magnum shot aim at bear 95% -pushes button to use skill- skill cancels and re loads to be aimed and lag - all movement on screen freezes-

    however this doesn't happen with heal for example i can quick spam that on me or allies no lag it only happens when atking a mob.

    I've tried highest settings I've tried lowest settings i lag only when i atk (yes ofc ppl population lag me to) but i am in a empty field or in a dungeon and this will occur almost every time.
    If anyone has any idea as to how to fix this let me know thanks.

    (side note- I am already de-naggled as they call it)

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    How bad is your computer? :S (Check the sticky for how to find your specs.)
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    iunno..for me, i just left click the target instead of pressing the skill again, that cant really trigger anything else possible.
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