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Thread: Fresh Prince of Bel Air

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    Fresh Prince of Bel Air

    Can someone write Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme on a music score scroll? I don't know if this has been done before, but I looked around the forum for quite a bit of time. Thank you in advance

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    Sorry the reminder came a tad late, but... MIDI, please?
    Things to keep in mind for an MML request (shoulda done this earlier...):
    It helps if you have a MIDI handy - in which case this list might help.
    I usually submit a "general" version, kept as close to possible to Rank 5 ~ 9 solo.
    If it needs to be specifically tailored - lower-ranked or vice-versa, or band performance or solo - please say so, before or after I submit the "general" version.

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    MIDI? Sorry, but I'm a noob to the forums and the game.

    Nvm I figured it out.
    I found a MIDI version, but I feel like that version doesn't sound as good. If it's possible could you try it with the other version.
    MIDI version:
    Other version:

    Thank you!
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