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Thread: Lugh the Knight of the Light

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    Lugh the Knight of the Light

    Hiya everybody~ I am Fallenone from Alexina Server~ It's been quite few years since the Morgant left and it still remains mystery. Also, they still didn't told us why Lugh, the White Winged Champion, became Morgant the Dark Lord! This is what I think it happened.

    P.S This story is based on 40% mabinogi 40% Irish Mythology and 20% my imagination. This might cause conflict in timeline.

    PP.S I happen to have a grammar of elementary school. HAHHAHHAHHAHAHA forgive me if i have poor grammar. I appreciate the critics.

    PPP.S This story will be update every once a week or two.

    Now You Enter the World of Erinn

    ================================================== =========================

    The world was in turmoil. A pitch black crow landed on a corpse and shrieked three times as if it enjoys the sight and flew away. A youth stood alone in the battlefield, in front of a dead woman. They both looked like they were at early twenties. A youth’s armor was shining like a sun and emitted warm, holy aura. However, a woman’s armor was onyx, and it was constantly moving, like a dying beast. The weapons in each of youth’s hands, which you couldn’t decide whether they were lances or a swords, were drenched with the blood. He loathed a goddess with a black wing. He wondered why this must happen. He wasn’t sure if this was a way to the paradise he wanted. He couldn’t understand why he had to kill a woman that he once loved. Only thing you could see in his eyes were: desire for vengeance.

    Chapter 1:

    “My lord, a scout reported that the Imperial Army conquered our 5th base.”

    “I understand. Leave.”

    Two figures spoke in the tent. It was starless and the night looked serene and quiet. However, other than these two voices, you could hear the sound of the metal. The sound of an army. Two figures left the tent. One looked humanoid but concealed itself in black robe and a mask. Other one, however, looked more proud. It had long silky hair and long, well built arms. Its right hand was attached to the blade itself and his left hand looked foul and brutish. His left eye was glaring red but other eye was hidden behind an eye patch, but single eye was enough to make one shudder. It wore a dark heavy armor, studded with sharp bone pieces, that was decorated with a single red emblem on the plate. It was a Fomorian emblem. One with black robe was an Elder Black Wizard. One with dark armor was Balor, the leader of Fomorians. He knew it was the time. He stood on the hill and the Fomorian Army banged its shields. Balor spoke with his unique, sharp, and cruel voice.

    “It is time, my brothers. It is time to destroy Tuatha Dé Danann.”

    He paused for the applause from the army.

    “How many times did they kill our wife and children? How many times did they kill us in the name of justice?”

    He raised his voice.

    "Why do we have to be evil so they can become righteous!"

    He huffed as if he couldn’t let go of his anger.

    “It is our time to rise up and live in a paradise. Now, go and tell your brethrens to join our cause. We will start launching an assault on Aliech Kingdom today. And remember our goal:

    Don’t let any Tuatha Dé Danann survive.”
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    Chapter 2:

    “Lugh, you are going to be late.”

    A youth named Lugh looked annoyed to be disturbed from his training.

    “Gotcha, Ilis.”

    Lugh hurried and got his robe. He was the commander of Morrighan’s Army and if he looked too shabby, other commanders, such as Lann the commander of Neamhain’s army, would scowl him like the hawks. Aliech Kingdom’s central army was divided in to four groups. One was Atonian Army, in respect of absolute god Aton Cimeni. It was under a direct order from the king and it stationed in Tara. Other three was named after Badhbh Cath: Neamhain, Macha, and Morrighan, stationed in north, south, and east. Lugh, compared to other two commanders, was very young. He was only on his twentieth when he was chosen to be the commander. He was the youngest commander chosen in Aliech Kingdom’s history, with second youngest being forty-four.

    “Lugh the mediator of Morrighan enters the court, Your Highness.”

    {Mediator… so corny….} thought Lugh.

    On the table, Bres the king, Lann the commander of Neamhain’s Army, and Ogma the commander of Macha’s army sat. Lugh knew Bres very well. Before Bres was elected to become the king, he and Lugh were a comrades and a good friend. Bres was same age as him and a great swordsman too. Lann was on his eighties and was called Lord of the Knights. When he was young, it is said that he slew the dragons and saved the kingdom. When The Battle of Mag Tuired took place, he took the lead and brought triumph. Despite his old age, he was well built and could fight nimbly with two swords each on his hands. Ogma, on the other hand, was very amusing. He was on his sixties and always yawned. Lugh never actually saw him fighting but people say that he killed an Eldest Ogre Warrior with a single slap. Lugh didn’t want to find out if it was the truth.

    “You are late, Lugh.” Lann spoke sharply.

    “Don’t be too harsh, Lord Lann. Lord Ogma arrived only couple of seconds ago!” Bres smiled.

    {Thank you, Bres!}

    “Your Highness,” interrupted Ogma, “Why did you called for an assembly? And Lugh, I just saw you scratching your back. That’s not keeping dignity as a warlord. ”


    “The reason I called for an assembly is this.” Bres tossed a piece of paper.

    It wasn’t just any piece of paper. It looked ancient and powerful. Lugh, who wasn’t a magician himself, could sense the powerful mana radiating around it. There was only a mark drawn on this piece of paper. A Fomorian Emblem.
    “What is this, Your Highness?” Lord Lann asked.

    “I know just enough as you do. So, I brought someone that can explain to us. You may enter now”
    A door decorated with silver and gold opened and a man came forth. He was on late twenties or early thirties. He wore a red robe and a muffler and its hood forced his hair to cover most of his eyes, giving him powerful and mysterious look. Lugh knew who he was at a first glance. He was a druid.

    “Good day, my Lords. My name is Mores, the druid.”

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fallenone View Post
    The youth’s armor was shining like the sun and emitted warm, holy aura.
    However, the woman’s armor was onyx, and it was constantly moving, like a dying beast.
    He loathed the goddess with the black wing.
    He wasn’t sure if this was the way to the paradise he wanted.
    He couldn’t understand why he had to kill the woman that he once loved.
    Only thing you could see in his eyes was: desire for vengeance.
    Those are my suggestions. Using 'the' sounds better than 'a' since its more specfic.
    For example, in this case, Lugh was referring not just to any goddess but Morrighan specifically so 'the' will be more appropriate IMO.

    For last sentence, it's subject-verb agreement: The subject was 'thing' which is singular so 'was' should be used.

    Anyway this looks like a good start! Hope you can finish this

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    Chapter 3:
    5 men sat down and stared at a piece of parchment. Lugh could see that a parchment was delicately made. The texture looked soft and it looked like a silk. A parchment would have been pleasant looking if it weren’t for a foul Fomor emblem on it.

    “This, my lords, is what we call fomor scroll.” Mores broke the silence. “We have identified that this parchment was transmuted by the means of Caliburn.”

    “Are you going to continue talking about what we already know? What we want to know is why this is important!” Ogma interrupted furiously.

    “I will get on to that. This parchment was found on a giant black wolf that attacked Tir Chonaill few days ago. We have never seen a creature like this. This creature went berserk and destroyed nearly half of Tir Chonaill.”

    Lugh was troubled by Mores’s reply. News of new beast that threatens the village was troubling enough but it was Mores’s face that troubled him. Ogma was said to be a strongest man on Ailech Kingdom. However, Mores didn’t even move his eyebrow.

    “know that my lords,” Mores continued, “the black wolves are known to live on foxes. It is impractical for them to attack human directly. Also, the giant black wolf came behind a mountain ridge, where the place is guarded by Royal Guards. It is known to be the place frequently attacked by Fomors.”

    “We believe that this piece of parchment was used to control giant black wolf. If this is true, that means that the Fomorians can raise a whole army with it.” Bres finished.

    “Long live the King Bres for shortening the explanation!” Ogma hailed.

    “Did you understand any of Mores’s explanation?” Lann said unbelievingly.

    “Of course not! As for my own part, it was Fomorian to me.” Ogma answered.

    Lugh was in a deep thought. Mag Tuireadth War. He still could remember the tragedy. He remembered children screaming. He remembered a woman trying to defend her child helplessly against a Fomorians. He swore that he would protect these people. That was the first time he picked up a sword for the first time.

    “What we need to do is to investigate the mountain ridge of Tir Chonaill. And we have to do this secretly. This is why I called the commanders of the Army of Goddesses. I know this is below your dignity, but… I ask you to go to Tir Chonaill secretly and investigate what is going on with only few soldiers and Mores.” Bres broke Lugh’s stream of thought.

    “I shall go.” Lugh replied.

    “Ha Ha Ha! I knew you would do it!” Bres pat Lugh on the back.

    “Your Majesty! Keep your dignity!” Lann criticized sharply.

    Investigating wasn’t the only reason why Lugh decided to go. Tir Chonaill was his homeland. But the real reason was ….
    ================================================== ============
    guess who is back!
    hah hahahhahahahahaa........
    Apprently, 1 week turned into 1 month. Sorry D: I will never do that again D:
    BUT! Finals are coming at the end of January~~ weeheee~~
    sorrrryyyy DD:
    Ill be back at the extremely early Feburary!

    Thank you for the corrections!

    (i must say... this chapter is extremely boring. )
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    Chapter 4:
    A dark forest that is surrounded by mountains. A cave opened its wide mouth like it was ready to devour any adventurers that dared to challenge it. A silence in dark. However, a silence was soon broke off by a sound of someone that is out of breath. A girl and an imp were running fast.

    Behind them were at least dozen of soldiers. Their sharp blades were sharp and covered in blood like the beasts’ teeth. Their eyes were full of greed.

    Destroy other creatures to become a hero.
    Become a light and destroy an evil.
    In the name of justice, kill others and gain rich and fame.

    However, in the end, they are just hungry beasts.

    A girl was tripped by a root of a tree. An imp tried to help her but distance between them and soldiers were becoming closer. An imp signaled a girl to continue running and put together its hands. A small ball of electricity was formed and an imp threw it at one of the soldiers. A soldier was caught surprised but regained his focus and slashed an imp. A small cries left imp’s mouth and no more word came from it again. A soldier, his face covered in blood, smiled faintly. It was a smile of a wolf with its prey cornered.

    By killing others, become a light.
    Let’s be drunk on their blood.

    A girl was trembling in fear. She wondered why they were chasing her. She just wanted to play with creatures in the forest.

    “He he he… Aren’t you cute?”

    A soldier, who killed an imp, slowly spoke. His eyes were flashing with different kind of greed.

    “Let’s have some fun, shall we?”

    Another soldiers agreed. They weren’t human. They were lesser than a roach crawling on the ground.
    They didn’t care whether she was a human or Fomor. Nothing mattered to them as long as they can fill their pleasure and get riches and fame.

    The brutish creatures slowly walked toward a girl.

    However, they were soon turned in to the burning fiends.
    One of them, crying in agony, stabbed a girl in anger.

    Then they became ashes.

    A figure dressed in black robe slowly walked toward them. His face remained emotionless but when he saw a girl’s dead body, his eyes were wet in sorrow.

    “I am sorry… I couldn’t help you…”

    Few wolves tried to go near a girl’s corpse but a black figure pierced them with sharp ice shards.
    All the wolves ran away in fear except one. It was silvery white. It growled against a black figure as if it couldn’t give up on food. A black figure simply pointed his finger toward a wolf.

    As soon as he pointed, a Fomorian mark appeared on its forehead. It slowly walked toward a figure.

    A black figure pressed a piece of parchment on a wolf. Then suddenly, wolf cried in pain and grew in size.

    “Go. Kill. Destroy.”

    After three simple words, a black figure walked away, carrying a dead girl’s body.

    ================================================== ================
    sorry... i couldn't keep promise... well i think i can get into more active working soon though

    a simple comments gives me strength
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    the weird part is there is a good chance we will find out in vindictus wat happened to lugh in his transition since apparently they are going to cover up to wen either ruari or tarlach is born in vindictus.

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    my fiction is parallel world of Erinn

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    Chapter 5:
    Tir Chonaill was a small village on the northern part of the kingdom. The residents were a small, self-sufficient and independent group of farmers. Because it was located below Mourne Mountain, the town was recognized for its peaceful, loving view of Mother Nature. However, after the rise of Fomors two month ago, many cities began to hire mercenaries for defense. some mercenaries fought solely for money, but most of them were fighting to protect their homeland as well. Lugh doubted that Tir Chonail wasn’t same as other cities.

    Even though he was the commander of Ailech Kingdom, Lugh didn’t bring his soldiers with him. His job was to become the eyes of Bres, not his sword. The only people he brought with him were Ilis and Mores. Ilis had been Lugh’s friend since they joined the army. Even though she wasn’t much of a fighter, her perceptive eyes and fast calculation made her a useful teammate. Bres insisted on bringing Mores with him to analyze mana surrounding the area. The way to Tir Chonaill was pretty safe. They weren’t attacked by wild beasts nor did they meet mischievous wisps. One thing that bothered Lugh, however, was how close Ilis and Mores were. Due to Ilis’ bright personality, llis and Mores became close together. Lugh was surprised how warm person Mores was. He was even more surprised when he heard that Mores was newly wedded.

    “So I brought her to the Port of Ceann and we watched the ocean waves together. Then I stood up and said, ‘Will you marry me Shiela?’ and used magic to make a rainbow by splashing ocean. So she…”

    More’s bragging went on and on. They were close to Tir Chonaill now. They already passed the logging camp.

    “Let’s go over the plan again. The villagers might not welcome us in this situation and we mustn’t reveal our identity. So we are going to disguise as travelers that seeks a safe place. Got it?”

    Tir Chonail was very serene. It wasn’t like Tara, where everybody is busy. It seemed that Tir Chonail had few mercenaries to defend the town. However, the guards weren’t hostile toward the strangers. In relief, Lugh and his companion went to the nearest inn. After that they went to the town square
    “So how are we going to investigate Fomor Scroll?” Ilis questioned.

    “"We should start by inquiring about the giant black wolf that was spotted here. That might give use some clues."

    “Mmmm, then let’s go to the chief of this vill….”

    Lugh suddenly tensed. He sensed bloodthirstiness in the atmosphere. Mores and Ilis seemed to have sensed it too.

    “What are you doing? Run!” a villager shouted to them.

    Lugh understood him. There was vicious looking giant white wolf tearing down the flocks of sheep.
    Is that… the work of Fomors…?

    ================================================== ==========
    seems like unfolding of the story is really slow.....

    comment gives me courage.

    gladly accept critics, gramar/spelling checks.
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    A few grammar mistakes, but for once, I won't nitpick.

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    nuu i "want" fixes.

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