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Thread: Best combat pet?

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    Best combat pet?

    I am looking for a very strong pet to be used in combat. Even though I am rather strong myself, I am a elf so I have very low hp and when facing bosses I will normally resort to pet-cannon.

    Current pets so far-
    Siamese Cat
    Mimic ( Waste of nx -_- )
    Black Ost
    White Owl ( Bought before I even looked at spider -_- )

    So what is the pet combat pet? I use pets a lot normally in case a arrow misses ( which it often does at 99% -_- ). Also I am looking for some good pet AI's for the Ghost and the Mimic. I normally use a counter-defense AI but mimic does have counter and the ghost has a lot of magic.

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    panda ftw xD;; but they are gone... ;o i mainly use bears for combat.... ;o but i has one of those growing bears... but i keep it small for the magic ;D.... r6 lightning xD... but if u make them grow wif magic tofu xD i heard there magic dies and is replaced by strong melee skills ;3

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    Quote Originally Posted by pureblood246 View Post
    panda ftw xD;; but they are gone...
    Protip: All bears are the same, except the growing ones.

    I think the Black Wolf is pretty strong, and it can use windmill when in humanoid form. But yeah, bears are also very strong, and they get high-ranked combat skills by level 30 or something close to that. They're just... ugly, imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angevon View Post
    Protip: All bears are the same, except the growing ones.
    sure they may be the same o-o but i prefer my panda over other bears ;3 "I mainly use bears for combat" i basically kno they are the same... i just like using my panda o-o

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    lol...I have about 30 pets now...most of which were bought because they were cute. As for combat pets, it's going to have to be either a bear..or a griffin. Dragon when it comes out. xD

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