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Thread: Mabinogi on Linux

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    Mabinogi on Linux

    I don't know if anyone else out there has been adventurous enough to try to get Mabinogi working on wine. But being forced into Linux after Windows XP decided I don't have a harddrive anymore, and still wanting to play Mabi, I kind of have been. I originally got the basics running from a couple guides scattered around, only one of which really worked. But recently I've been trying to get the rest of the game working, and it's tough as hell, I tell you. ._. Regardless, as I do this, or if anyone else wants to contribute their findings, I will update this thread with how to get parts of Mabi working in Wine.
    NOTE: I use Ubuntu 9.04 Xubuntu 9.10 (most of this info was done on the prior, however.)

    This will make Mabinogi playable, however not all features may be working.
    1) Download the Mabinogi installer and install.
    1a) NOTE: The video of Nao where you get to fling her dress around doesn't work on the installer. The game installs fine though. EDIT: The latest installer doesn't work for some reason, but I was able to run it in CrossOver which admittedly isn't a very good solution.
    2) in WineCfg, set the following to run in Windows ME:
    • Mabinogi\Client.exe
    • Mabinogi\npkcbk64.exe
    • Mabinogi\npkcmsvc.exe
    • Mabinogi\HShield\HSUpdate.exe
    • Mabinogi\HShield\autoup.exe

    3) Select Client.exe, go to the Graphics tab, and select Emulate a Virtual Desktop. Set it to 800x600 or 1024x768, whichever you run Mabi in. Or maybe whatever you want, I don't care to play around with it.
    4) (See Browser Windows section, or if you don't want browser windows to work you can just install IE6 with winetricks.)
    5) Download winetricks and install Flash.
    6) If you have Compiz installed, change or remove Alt+Button 1 as your hotkey in you Window Move settings, lest you won't be able to use it to pick up items.
    6.alt) For xfce Window Manager, go to Applications->Settings->Window Manager Tweaks->Accessiblitiy and change the "Key used to grab and move windows". Personally, I had to turn this off for some reason, because switching it to Super still caused it to use Alt. Not sure why.

    Character Creation
    This will allow you to watch the intro movie after creating a new character. If you do not do this, you will not be able to create a new character as the screen will go black and nothing will happen. You can continue playing an old character without this step, however.
    1) Install Windows Codec Pack 7 (can't find it? Try winetricks wmp10)
    2) Install devenum.dll to C:\Windows\system32
    3) Install quartz.dll to C:\Windows\system32
    4) Set (native, builtin) overrides for devenum and quartz to either Default Settings (my preference) or Client.exe

    Browser Windows
    This allows you to load browser pages in game, as well as the various ads and such on the launcher. (Incomplete)
    1) Install IE 7 via this guide. Make sure to do it the manual way.
    2) Open WineCfg and set the following overrides (on either Mabinogi.exe & Client.exe or Default Settings):
    • crypt32: builtin, native
    • wininet: builtin, native
      • This causes rendering issues as described below, however it is necessary to get https to work!
    • wintrust: builtin, native

    What's still broken:
    Viewport is too small
    * Expand/fullscreen window to fix this.
    ** As much as you may want to retract it, the page won't refresh properly that way.
    Scrolling causes tracer issues, like the page isn't drawing new content correctly.
    * Resize the window or toggle fullscreen to force it to redraw properly.
    Images do not initially load.
    * Images will load after clicking a hotlink.
    Homepage cannot be closed, freezing game.

    If you're on Ubuntu and your sound keeps sounding like it's playing the same sound effect or music multiple times, different starting points, so that it's kinda of..stuttering? Get rid of PulseAudio..Ubuntu did that whole sound thing badly.

    Drawings Bug
    This refers to a rendering issue in the game. It affects sketches, the face preview at character selection, and clothing preview.
    NOTE: Seems the problem is an unimplemented filter being rendered atop the image. For a split second, you can see the properly rendered image before it goes white with the outline. Wine complains about some pixel shader I think. I'll post back next I check and clarify.

    Video Recording
    Haven't looked.

    IE-related non-HTML(?) transfers
    The title is an assumption from what I know of these. They all seem related. List includes:
    • Hotkeys
      • Looking at the transfer, it seems it retrieves the hotkeys from[server id]/[last 3 digits of char id]/[char id].xml It is transferred via HTTP/XML with the user agent TEST_ARI and a bunch of cookie data standard to their main website. (It also sends a bunch of other option information in there, not just hotkeys.)
      • I'm not going to say my character ID in case it's not supposed to be public, but my server ID is mabius4 for Alexina.
    • Exploration Chronicle
    • Book Contents
    • House Board
    • PVP History
    • Composing
    • ...more?

    Final Advertisement
    NOTE: You'd think it would be an IE issue..? It might have to do with the small viewport.
    The URL for this page is this.

    If you know anything more, please post it! Doubt there's many Linux users around here, but if there are, good luck. //_//

    Thanks to a tip from this post, I've discovered you can get past the hackshield error by downgrading to wine 1.0.1 (Stable). You can follow this tutorial to have multiple installs of wine on your computer.
    I named this install "wine-stable", and you can see my subsequent execution script here:
    cd /home/wa/.wine/drive_c/Nexon/Mabinogi
    WINEDEBUG=-all wine-stable Mabinogi.exe
    Update Amendment: Wine stable has been updated to 1.2, which still does not run Mabinogi. You will have to downgrade to 1.0.1 and not use the stable package in your repository now. Once I find the .deb file for 1.0.1-stable I'll link it.
    For now, you can grab the source here with the patch for FreeType here.

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    Re: Mabinogi on Linux

    I'm going to put this as a sticky because this has some potential use for those who use multiple operating system and do not have access to a "legit" Windows (Hey! It happens!).

    If you are still around please do keep us updated!

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    Re: Mabinogi on Linux

    Wow. A lot of good work went into this =)

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    Re: Mabinogi on Linux

    Quote Originally Posted by Khenta
    I'm going to put this as a sticky because this has some potential use for those who use multiple operating system and do not have access to a "legit" Windows (Hey! It happens!).

    If you are still around please do keep us updated!
    Thanks. I'd be happy to keep this updated but I haven't really made any further headway. :P And now, with Alchemist, I get the 0x00000108 error from HackShield. Which googling that doesn't provide any relevant help. :|

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    Re: Mabinogi on Linux

    If anyone's curious, I e-mailed AhnLab a few days ago after screwing with Wine's debugger to ask what the error was. All they really told me was that it means HackShield initiated abnormally. Which really, could mean any number of things. But what do you expect from such a crappy company?
    Anyway, so this means it's going to have to be a Wine patch, and although I'm very experienced in C, and still adequately in C++, I have no experience with Wine's source. No clue how it's set up. Hell I can barely get the debugging to work (and still, not well! But in my defense it's a really crappy debugger).
    This may be fruitless but does anyone have any experience with the Wine debugger or source code? I tried to start a discussion about getting a better debugger on their board but I think I was too wordy.
    Anyway, I'll be trying to set their debugger up to be something I can actually work with in the spare time I wish to devote to Mabi.
    If anyone does happen to be familiar with Wine, e-mail/IM me (in profile). As I don't have much motivation to check these boards while I can't play Mabi.

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    Re: Mabinogi on Linux

    Ha-HA, back in business!

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    Re: Mabinogi on Linux

    Quote Originally Posted by Kadalyn
    Ha-HA, back in business!
    You got it working?? What did you do?

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    Re: Mabinogi on Linux

    Quote Originally Posted by Nocturna
    You got it working?? What did you do?
    Check the "UPDATE" at the bottom of the first post.

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    Re: Mabinogi on Linux

    Quote Originally Posted by Kadalyn
    CheckCheck the "UPDATE" at the bottom of the first post.
    Wow! (d'oh! lol) It works!!

    I didn't even realize I *wasn't* running the current stable version of Wine (which I would rather be running anyway), so I just checked off the version I wanted in Ubuntu's Synaptic Package Manager, and it did all the work for me Now I finally have Mabinogi running in Ubuntu, THANK YOU!

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    Re: Mabinogi on Linux

    You're welcome. :] Happy it helped someone.
    And personally, I like the dev version of Wine better, things seems to run more smoothly in it. Hopefully I can figure out what makes hackshield work in stable, and merge it with the latest dev sometime.

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