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Thread: [Tarlach] RPSociety - Recruiting

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    [Tarlach] RPSociety - Recruiting

    The Reliable People Society is a Role-Play Guild always on the lookout for reasonably mature individuals - or at least of reasonably sound mind and literacy - OK, make that literate.

    We are a guild based on co-operation and support and a strong Role-play ethic in-game.
    Guild chat is open to good natured banter or pleas for help or the occasional bout of silliness to lighten the spirit.

    You can find our Guild-stone just off of the south road leaving Tir.
    Further information and a link to our open guild forum is also there.

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    Re: [Tarlach] RPSociety - Recruiting

    Just a heads up that RPS has been under new management for a while now. *Bows* >_>

    RPS is now one of a few Role Play Based Guilds on the Tarlach server with an associated Forum and a bit more structure to the Guild and its Roleplay scenarios.
    Some of the stories have been running on for over a year.

    Even if you don't want to sign up right now - join the forum and join in on the RP fun any time.

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